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Highland / brief introduction

Shandong Highland Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd. adhering to the business philosophy of pursuing safety and stability, and service-oriented, is committed to creating a brand of elevators with high technology, high quality and good service. The company is a large-scale professional and standardized machinery manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales. Only by continuously improving the quality of our products can we meet the requirements of our customers and develop our company. The company has a series of modern production equipment such as automatic cutting equipment, automatic welding equipment, shot blasting line, spraying line, welding robot, etc. The company mainly produces various types of hydraulic lifting equipment such as hydraulic elevators, lifting platforms, factory rail freight elevators, hotel food conveying machines, lifting stages, and highway limited-elevators.
The company has sophisticated production equipment, advanced technology, complete detection methods, and strong technical force. The hydraulic lifting platform and hydraulic series use domestic and Italian hydraulic power units in production. The performance of both types of machines has reached the international advanced level. The company adopts advanced management methods and strict quality ...

Product Encyclopedia

How to use the mobile boarding bridge

Mobile boarding bridges are no stranger to logistics and warehousing companies. Loading and unloading cargo with forklift can greatly improve work efficiency, reduce work difficulty, and effectively ensure cargo safety. Of course, the prerequisite for achieving this effect is that the company can operate the mobile boarding bridge correctly. Unfortunately, many companies often abuse mobile bridges, which can cause unnecessary damage to the boarding bridge and shorten the service life of the mobile boarding bridge. According to Gu Jun, the chief engineer of Suzhou Yuze Crane Technology Co., Ltd., a famous manufacturer of mobile boarding bridges in China, before using mobile boarding bridges, first check the equipment unloading valve ...

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common problem

What are the recommendations for choosing a scissor lift?
Nowadays, most people don't know which aspects to choose for buying scissor lifts. So, what are the suggestions for choosing scissor lifts? Here comes ...
Construction elevator operation regulations
Construction elevator operation regulations: 1. Operators must undergo theoretical training and practical operation training to understand the structure and performance of the machinery being operated and be familiar with operation ...
Installation steps of rail lift
Position the square tube and the end surface with the column, install the four columns and tighten with the screw; then use the auxiliary card to determine the position of the box, and point the three boxes to the column ...
What is a single-post aluminum lift
Single-column aluminum alloy lift: This series of products is indoor type, widely applicable to high-altitude operation in halls and workshops of various industries such as star hotels, large supermarkets, ...
Components of self-propelled lifting platform
The self-propelled lifting platform is composed of the following parts: 1. Scissor-type main structure and telescopic worktable, and safety guardrail. ...
Characteristics and operating principle of guide rail type hydraulic lifting freight elevator
The main structure of the rail type hydraulic lifting freight elevator is welded with high-strength rectangular tubes, which has high strength, large load capacity, stable lifting, simple and convenient installation and maintenance ...
Advantages of rail lifts
The maximum load is 30 tons, which realizes multi-point control, interactive interlocking of upper and lower floors, to achieve safe use; now multi-point control, interactive interlocking of upper and lower floors, to achieve safety ...
How much does it cost to lift a freight elevator?
How much does it cost to lift a freight elevator? This is a question everyone wants to know, but because of the many types of equipment, and most of them are special customized types, so ...